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Core Audience Delivery -18 – 40 yrs
The Superstation plays the hottest local and international hits. 
The most promotionally active East Indian station
Large % of listenership from higher income households
#1 rating for East Indian Talk Show - The Morning Panchayat were we discuss current affairs in an intelligent manner.
Top Chutney Shows - #1 rating for Weekend listenership with Chutney Jhalwa Weekends and the brand new Jhalwa Nights
Leader in Outside Promotional Events & Broadcasts
For Live steaming visit                                                                                                                                                        

Network Sales Manager TBC
Beena Bhawansingh
623 9202 ext 5456
[email protected]


Senior Brand Manager   Sangeet 1061FM 
Deborah Tilluckdharry – Yadev
623 9202 ext 5443
[email protected]


Asst. Brand Manager Sangeet 1061FM
Ethan Ross Rampaul
[email protected]
623 9202 ext 5423



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