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Write ‘Bout This, Talk ‘Bout Dat!

Thu, 08/16/2018 - 05:24

This year thus far, almost every weekend of the past eight months has had at least one theatrical production. If, however, you are looking to support and enjoy a show that supports the positive values that makes us uniquely Trinbagonians, make an effort to attend the annual Tim Tim Storytelling show, scheduled for September 15-16, at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (Napa), Port-of-Spain.

Entitled Write ‘Bout This, Talk ‘Bout Dat! An Evening with Paul Keens-Douglas. The show will highlight the latest works of Paul Keens-Douglas and other featured artistes, as they continue to promote and preserve the value and art of storytelling in its traditional forms. You can look forward to an evening of fun, humour, poetry, social commentary and storytelling at its best.

Celebrating his birthday exactly one week after he premieres this latest production, Keens-Douglas has been an integral part of the T&T and Caribbean literary and theatrical landscape for the past 42 years, creating his own niche, and producing an outstanding body of work.

Every year on this show, he focuses on recreating those magic moments of yesteryear, when we used to tell stories, talk to each other, and just enjoy each other’s company. It was in this telling and talking and listening that were the beginnings of the understanding. It is also an opportunity for Keens-Douglas to do work that is not in our educational system, no longer heard in our media, ignored by our academics and being slowly lost to this new generation.

From the beginning of his career, Keens-Douglas took the stage name of Tim Tim, derived from the patois saying for “once upon a time.” He has toured worldwide as Mr Tim Tim, giving a memorable Toronto performance when he shared the stage with his Jamaican counterpart the famous Louise Bennett, in the 1979 Black Theatre Canada production, Miss Lou meets Mr Tim Tim.

Every show features special guests and this year is no different, as Keens-Douglas will be sharing the stage with calypso humourist the versatile Myron B, rising Jazz Star Bri Celestin and popular Spoken Word poet Derron Sandy.

With this line-up there is no doubt that it will be an evening of top quality, clean, family entertainment, ideal for teachers, students, literary enthusiasts and those Paul Keens-Douglas fans.

The show will also see the official launching of Paul’s new website, www.pkeensdouglas.com.

Tickets for Write ‘Bout This, Talk ‘Bout Dat! An Evening with Paul Keens-Douglas are only $250 and are available at Crosby’s, St James, Cleve’s (Frederick Street), RIK-Gulf City/Trincity and Napa Box Office.

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Born in Darkness comes to light

Fri, 07/13/2018 - 00:30

Moving. Emotional. Spiritual. Powerful. All adjectives used by audience members to describe the launch of Freetown Collective’s debut album, Born in Darkness. The launch took place at Callaloo Company’s space in Chaguaramas on June 30.

The popular band, comprised of lead guitarists Muhammad Muwakil and Lou Lyons, along with backup vocalists Shanna and Malene Joseph and Tishanna Williams, added a variety of instrumentalists and vocalists to their line up. These included members of The Lydians, All Stars Brass, guitarist Kiwan Landreth-Smith, and producer Jayron “Rawkus” Remy, with live visual projections by North Eleven. The music drew from all genres, including rock, ballads, and soca, infused with the unique sound that is Freetown Collective.

The performances, including favourites such as Normal, Born Swimma and Born Soldiers as well as new music like the album’s title track Born in Darkness, Red Eye and Human Form, drew an enthusiastic response from the patrons, who sang along, screamed, chanted, jumped around and cried and cried throughout the two hour concert. The vibe was an intimate one throughout, as Muwakil paused to regale the capacity audience with stories about the making of the album and the journey the group has taken over the three years it took to bring the project to completion.

The full song list included Incantation, featuring The Lydians; Human Form featuring The Lydians and Kiwan Landreth-Smith, whose guitar solo had fans screaming; Born In Darkness, Lightman and where I am, featuring The Lydians & All Star Brass; interludes Cure and Vice and Hired Guns; Red Eye; Normal; Feel This; Space For A Heart; Believe Me; Born Soldiers; Good Swimma; Go; and Bless Them.

The group released a new video for their song Space For A Heart, which had many audience members in tears. The video, done in collaboration with Nadia Huggins, Oliver Milne and Maya Cozier, told the story of an old man who built a makeshift boat to go back to the spot where the love of his life drowned when they were young. Muwakil revealed that the video was dedicated to a Trinbagonian poet named Eric Roach who died by drowning. He said the band was able to feel Roach’s spirit with them while they were recording the track, which was a moving experience for everyone involved.

Many patrons brought their children with them, and one child even requested that the band perform Born Soldier.

Muwakil said he was proud to see this, as the group felt that their music was for everyone.

Opening acts Rheon Elbourne and Deneka Thomas set the tone for the rest of the show, inspiring the audience to participate with their music and poetry.

Elbourne’s song Pam Pam was a hit, while Thomas performed her Trini dialect poem as well as the poem which won her the 2018 First Citizens National Poetry Slam championship, The Closet.

At the end of the main performance, the crowd was so hyped that they called for an encore, and the band obliged by singing Mama Africa and Love Transition. Many patrons expressed satisfaction with the concert and said they were going to buy the album immediately.

Longtime fans noted that the group’s sound had evolved well over time and expressed hope that they would continue to grow.


Freetown Collective’s album Born in Darkness is available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. For more information, find Freetown Collective on Facebook and go to www.wearefreetown.love

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Road March champ to perform in Jamaica

Sat, 06/09/2018 - 00:31

T&T’s Nigel Lewis, who won the 1996 Road March, is a headline act for tomorrow’s benefit concert for three hospitals in Jamaica. Lewis, Minister Keesa Peart, Patricia Levy (Sister Patt), Renowned Gospel Singers, and Michael Richards will perform at the High Point High School, 3601 Powder Mill Road in Beltsville, Maryland. This eagerly awaited gospel concert will be an evening of praise, worship, and inspiring gospel music.

Organisers of the concert pledge that all the net proceeds of the concert will go directly to benefit three major hospitals in Jamaica. This is one of the organisation’s efforts to help to alleviate the suffering of many poor and needy residents of the island.

Lewis exploded onto the soca music scene with Movin’ to the Left in 1996 and had everyone moving to the left and moving to the right. Winning that year’s Road March title, he became a household name worldwide. His success blossomed and he was on the road to superstardom.

Lewis’ dynamic style was influenced by many great performers from his island home. At the height of his soca career in 2000, he made a change and rededicated his life to Jesus Christ. Nigel’s transformation of his prolific style of secular soca lyrics and pulsating soca rhythms to more religious messages and reverence to God has been awesome.

His development into a noteworthy singer/songwriter/musician is expressed in songs that address poverty, world peace, and voting rights. He composes exalting messages and words of thanks to God which inspire listeners of his music.

“My music is about the people, not me,” Lewis says. His up-tempo style is inspired by his relationship with God. His dynamic performance of Follow the Leader is emblematic of his spirit.

Nigel’s excellent performances with songs such as Godman Style, Walk Away, Second Chance, Follow the Leader, When Jesus Say Yes, The Greatest Day, Jesus, Crazy Praise, and Blessed Today continue to grow his fan base and obtain more accolades.

In 2011, Lewis received the International Reggae & World Music Award (IRAWMA) for Best Gospel Song. In 2014, he received regional recognition with ten Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin Award nominations for his album, Unlock the Block, and took home the Marlin for Adapted Reggae Recording of the Year for his hit single God Over Everything.

Lewis now has seven Marlin Award nominations, including Album of the Year (N.O.W.—No Other Way), Producer of the Year, Reggae Recording of the Year (My God feat Papa San), Calypso Recording of the Year & Song of the Year for hit single, My God, featuring award-winning Bahamian choir ensemble Shaback.

Lewis says, “My goal is to light up the darkness. I do music because it’s the gift that was given to me by the Father. I use it to spread His message.”

Keesa Peart, a Jamaican native living in the Cayman Islands in 2004, won the Cayman Islands Gospel Festival competition for best song with her original composition, Come Let Me Show You. With that achievement, she decided to take her singing career to another level.

Her debut album in 2005, Touch Jesus, was tremendously successful and she released her second album, Your Life Is In God’s Hands, in 2008 with her hit single, Hold On.

Since the release of her albums, Peart has ministered throughout North America, Bahamas, Canada, Colombia, Aruba, Montserrat, and Jamaica where she presently resides.

Minister Keesa Peart has shared the stage with both local and international gospel singers.

In 2009, Peart decided to embrace full-time ministry and she and her husband returned to Jamaica where they felt God’s calling for ministry.

In 2012, she graduated from the Glad Tidings Institute having received her Master’s degree in evangelism.

During 2012, Peart released the international hit single I’ve got somebody with me, which earned an award for international song of the year 2014. She was awarded international female gospel artiste of the year for 2015.

In 2016, she released her third album entitled Without You Lord, which includes Di Devil Nah Get Mi Soul, I Know I’ll Make It and I’ve Got Somebody With Me.

To learn more about tomorrow’s benefit concert, call 301-440- 6132 or 240-505-7743.

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Kishore Kumar singing contest tomorrow

Mon, 05/28/2018 - 02:15

Twenty local and foreign singers will participate in the Kishore Kumar Singing Competition, carded for tomorrow, Tuesday, at the NCIC Nagar, Chaguanas. Staged by the National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC), $150,000 in prize money is up for grabs in the contest.

NCIC PRO Surujdeo Mangaroo said the organisation ran a similar competition 25 years ago that was won by popular local Indian artiste Anil Bheem. He said there had been many calls to the NCIC for the competition to be reactivated.

“We have been bombarded with calls from near and far for a clean family type competition so we wanted to give this to patrons,” said Mangaroo. He added that the show will be held in an alcohol-free atmosphere, and patrons would be hearing the talents of 15 local singers, and five from abroad.

Local artiste includes Anil Bheem, Roshan Sankar, Neeshad Sultan, Satrohan Maharaj, Boya Shahfayat Mohammed, Leon Madho, Rehanna Gopaul, Sondar Sooknarine, Varma Maharaj, Badri Nath, Lalchan Rama,Nadia Madhoo, Rajesh Dallah,Anand Adheen and Prakash Ramcharan.

Mangaroo said Kishore Kumar was a well-loved playback singer in T&T whose career spanned several decades and peaked in the 1960s to his death in 1987. He said Kumar visited T&T several times in the 1970s and served as inspiration for many local singers who have tried to emulate the extremely talented and loved artiste, and perform his songs on many local and regional stages.

More info 

Kishore Kumar’s most popular songs are:

Roop Tera Mastana
Dil Aisa Kisi Ne Mera
Khaike Paan Banaras Wala
Hazaar Raahen Mudke Dekheen
Pag Ghungroo Baandh
Agar Tum Na Hote
Manzilein Apni Jagah Hain
Saagar Kinaare
Zindagi Ek Safar
Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai
Chingari Koi Bhadke
Mere Dil Mein
Gaadi Bula Rahi Hai
O Saathi Rei
Om Shanti Om

Foreign singers

They include:
Jimmy Subhidass (Fiji)
Joe Seenath (US)
Rishikumar Baitali (Suriname)
Randy Bhagwandin (Canada)
Mala Harripersad (Guyana)

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Stand for Love The Concert

Sat, 05/26/2018 - 00:27

Stand For Love is a fund-raising concert by which all proceeds will assist David “Okee Dokee” Huggins acquire a prosthetic leg.

The popular radio show host/musician/professional vocalist and voice over artiste lost his right leg last year due to a diabetic wound.

According to Okee Dokee: “With a waiting list as long as the road to heaven, I made the decision to start a fund-raising effort and so… Stand For Love was born.”

He added: “After a series of physiotherapy and private professional nursing, my residual limb is now healed and ready for fitting.”

Stand For Love, the concert takes place at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s, on Wednesday, May 30, from 7:30 pm.

The supporting cast reads like a who’s who in the entertainment industry. Over 18 local artistes have responded positively to call resulting in a mammoth line up.

Performers include Wendell Constantine, Wendy Sheppard, Debbie Nahous, Denyse Plummer, Johann Chuckaree, Raymond Edwards, Ray Holman, Sharlene Flores, Marcia Miranda, Sandra Hamilton, 3Canal, Quattro Musica, Jamal Winchester, Rico DiGuitta Man, Jodel Lutchman, Sergio Stefan Ayoung, Alexander Mack and David Huggins.

Hosts of the evening will be Maurice Brash, Louanna Habib, Sean Mendez and Francesca Hawkins.

A well-known presenter and producer for GEM Radio Network, as well as many of the local radio frequencies, including 105.1FM, Power 102 FM, Rhythm Radio 95.1FM, WeFM, Star 94.7 and 107.7FM, Huggins is also the primary soloist of the St Theresa’s RC Church, Wookbrook.

Friends and supporters are inviting all and sundry to come out, hear your favourite singers and musicians and let’s stand for love on the evening of Arrival Day, the public holiday, to help David “Okee Dokee” Huggins regain his mobility.

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Bigford brings something big to Little Carib

Mon, 05/14/2018 - 01:23

“South people stake their claim on me,” Vaughnette Bigford likes to joke. “It’s almost as though they feel a sense of ownership.” And well they might, as the La Brea-born entertainer frequently performs in Naparima Bowl, the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (Sapa), and other popular southern venues. “That’s where most of my base is. Southerners come out to my concerts!”

Now, Bigford is seeking to attract a greater audience, and widen the span of her appeal to embrace music lovers from the north as well. While she has, of course, performed at several collaboratives at northern venues, she will be holding her first full-length concert upwind of the Caroni bridge on Saturday June 9th at the Little Carib Theatre at 7.30 p.m.

“The Little Carib is one of my favourite spaces,” she enthuses, “along with places like Kaiso Blues in Newtown and the Central Bank Auditorium. I love the acoustics, and I feel a certain connection to my audience. I like to see their faces, read their expressions. I also feel a sense of connection to all the artistes who have passed through there before me.”

The music for Vaughnette Bigford in Concert was arranged by Michael Low Chew Tung (Ming), Theron Shaw, and Rodney and Khalen Alexander, although she says she “chooks her hand” into arrangement as well. “All of my band members contributed to the arrangements, actually.”

Guest performers for the night will be Michael Salcedo on the steelpan, John John Francis on vocals, and what she promises will be “a special surprise”.

Bigford is fresh from her 2017 Born to Shine CD tour, during which she performed before ecstatic fans at venues throughout Trinidad. The feedback on her signature concerts, Shades of Vaughnette, was excellent, she says. “We’ve already sold about 1,000 copies of the CD.”

It was an exciting tour, made more notable for her by the evident appreciation people have of the music of Trinidad and Tobago. “There was a lot of nostalgia for music they hadn’t heard in a long time; Carol Addison, Kalyan, Oliver Chapman, Wildfire…I gave a different interpretation of it, and that took them back to their special place. Even for the younger people, you could see that it resonated with them.”

Recently, she has been faced with a few health challenges, including respiratory issues, which, for a singer, can be difficult. “A guitarist can put his instrument in a case to protect it,” she explains, “but as a singer, I can’t.”

Now back in fighting form after her post-Christmas-to-Carnival hiatus, she is once again ready to stand before her audiences and sing her heart out. This time, she is coming with something different. “We’re bringing new music, to appeal to a broader audience.”

She refuses to be typecast as solely an interpreter of local songs. “I love doing that, but I also do other things, and this will be a reminder. For example, I haven’t done jazz or World music in a long time.”

And many of her newer fans, who may know her only from Born to Shine or recent concert tours, might be surprised to discover the Vaughnette that had been showing off her wide range of skills since 2004. For her, it will be a kind of homecoming. “I want people to know I’m an artiste who has always done different things. They are going to see a different side of Vaughnette.


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Fans pack Under the Trees for Rudder 6.5

Tue, 05/08/2018 - 01:38

Five years ago, at Rudder 6.0, staged at the Grand Stand in the Queen’s Park Savannah, Portof- Spain, David Rudder offered a number of hit songs from the past from artistes such as The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones, and a host of others, which he credited as having had an influence on his chosen career as an entertainer and recording artiste.

“That concert was an historical look at the music that influenced me, tonight’s concert will take another look at the music I have created for the people over the 56 years of my career,” he said, prior to taking the stage Under The Trees at The Normandie Hotel in St Ann’s last Saturday night (May 5) for Rudder 6.5, a celebratory concert in recognition of his 65th birthday.

The venue was jam-packed with loyal patrons of the work produced by the iconic entertainer, prompting Fire Service officers on duty to restrict admission, after a while, to ensure their safety.

Rudder has always ensured that lead guitarist Wayne Bruno and the Rapid Response band are the professional musicians who accompany him at his gigs, where possible. The music they provided on the occasion—sharp horn lines, fancy guitar work, and throbbing percussion— along with the competent harmonies of the back-up singers, allowed patrons to enjoy, to the max, Rudder 6.5.

In addition to Bruno, other accomplished musicians included Kenneth Baptiste, Albert Bushe, Barry Howard, Jeremy Ledbetter, Ryan Romany, Vernon Headley, Hadyn Robin, Kayode Charles, Allan Nelson, Kensa James, Michelle Marfan-Urquhart, Cherise, Browne, Michelle Assing, and Tamba Gwindi.

It was an anniversary for the veteran percussionist Gwindi, as well. “This event is also like an anniversary of sorts for me because it marks 28 years of working with David on stage, in the calypso tents, at his concerts locally, along with Charlie’s Roots and Wayne Bruno and the Rapid Response Bands, throughout the Caribbean, and in the recording studios. I salute David for his commitment to keeping live percussion in the mix over the years and his contribution to keeping our people thinking in the midst of the music,” he said. In the audience, and also celebrating a birthday with Rudder on the occasion, was businessman Satish Pariagh of 2001 Carpet House in Chaguanas.

“I rescheduled a travel arrangement to be here tonight,” he said. “I have been a Rudder fan for many, many years, and never miss an opportunity to see him perform.”

Rudder offered about 50 selections from his extensive repertoire, venturing down memory lane with acclaimed hits such as Bahia Girl, Calypso Music, Song for a Lonely Soul, Mad Man Rant, Jump Up, Madness, Calabash, Permission to Mash Up de Place, Trini to the Bone, Hammer, Long Time Band, and High Mas.

In remembrance of the late calypso aficionado Diane Marshall-Holdip, he offered The Power of the Song, a selection that pays tribute to the late Grandmaster Kitchener.

Accompanied by Michael “Ming” Low Chew Tung on keyboards and Jeremy Ledbetter on Melodica (a free-reed instrument similar to the pump organ and harmonica) he skilfully executed the littleknown songs Tuesday Night Lover, It’s Only Natural, and Fire Queen.

A poignant moment was his touching rendition of I Will Always Be There For you, a musical, metaphor-laden pledge of loyalty to T&T sung by Melanie Hudson in the 1990s. Rudder’s performance also invoked a variety of emotions. At times, he induced quiet reflection, at other times gaiety, and on occasions, a sense of national pride.

Rudder has the distinction of being the only person to take all available titles in a single year, having won the National Calypso Monarch, Young Kings and Road March competitions in 1986. His Hammer was also the Tune of Choice that year for the National Panorama winner, Trinidad All Stars.

Rudder has since eschewed all calypso contests, but continues to supply works of an integrity equal to most and superior to many of his peers; examining in his lyrics and music a number of revolutionary concepts.

Rudder 6.5 goes to Toronto, Canada, next month, for staging at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, on June 9.

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A bit of this, a bit of that

Fri, 05/04/2018 - 03:13

Mark John, known in the calypso arena as Contender, celebrated his 67th birthday in fine style on April 26 with a concert staged at the Murchison Brown Auditorium of Port-of- Spain City Hall.

The show, hosted by Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (Tuco) official Shirlaine Hendrickson, featured a mix of artistes and genres and was attended by a number of well known calypso aficionados.

The stage was also beautifully designed by calypsonian/artist William “Dr Will B” Bannister.

Seen at Let It Happen @ 67 were NLCB official Michael Jogie, former Culture Minister Joan Yuille Williams, Tuco president Lutalo “Bro Resistance” Masimba, Tuco South Region head Steve “Ras Kommanda” Pascall and Brig Gen (ret) Carl Alfonso.

Contender was honoured by Tuco with a birthday plaque for his continued contribution to the calypso genre.

The show began promptly at its advertised 8 pm start with the singing of the national anthem and a prayer by Hendrickson.

Performing in the first half were rapso artiste Benny J, Dr Will B, Comrade Deen, Twiggy, Funny, Kaiso Mac, Gypsy, Lady Wonder, Hendrickson, All Rounder and birthday boy Contender.

Kaiso Mac offered a Tribute to Black Stalin, a serious piece remembering the icon while Funny’s Dey Shakin It kept the crowd belly full of laughter while addressing the serious issue that is public urination.

All Rounder, backed by his daughters (Shirlane and Diane “Lady Wonder” Hendrickson), delivered the crowd’s engaging piece, Garlic Sauce, having fun all the while reminding the crowd why “All Rounder is a boss.

Spread it.”

Contender, not to be out done by friends, made it happen when he also performed a few of his pieces including Quiz and Young & Restless.

He also took a moment to give thanks to the Most High as an incident on Easter Sunday— which he didn’t elaborate much on—but stated events surrounding it could of almost made him not reach 67.

Following a brief intermission during which patrons availed themselves to goodies on sale, inclusive of cow heel souse, BBQ and fried chicken, geera pork and other delights, Pie Man resumed proceedings.

What began as a five-way extempo clash between Gypsy, Myron B, Black Sage and Contender quickly dissolved to a seemingly re-battle between newly appointed National Carnival Commission (NCC) chairman and current reigning Extempo Monarch Myron B. The show culminated with performances by Cro Cro who’s Hello kept the crowd engaged singing the chorus and Crazy with his classic Nani Wine, which had patrons wining out of City Hall just after midnight.

Enhancing Laventille steelband parade Expect a few changes to the 2018 edition of the Laventille Emancipation Steelband Parade, now in its 20th year and staged by the Laventille Steelband Festival Foundation (LSFF), headed by Michael Cooper.

One of the changes in this year’s event is the moving of the Emancipation ceremony and formal opening, originally outside The House of Angostura, to the corner of the start of the parade at the corner of Mc Allister Street and Eastern Main Road.

With the build-up to the event will in progress, the committee is currently processing requests from ten steelbands outside the catchment area who wish to participate.

Also expected to parade along the route are best of the regions, based on this year’s National Panorama final results. So, in addition to national champion bpTT Renegades, expect to see runners-up CAL Skiffle (South/ Central) and Republic Bank Exodus (East).

In its 20-year staging of the steelband parade, the LSFF has attracted tens of thousands to the event, including the President of the Republic, prime ministers, government ministers, members of the diplomatic corps and other dignitaries. In stark contrast to the negative reputation attached to Laventille as “a hot spot” for crime, the Laventille Emancipation Steelband Parade has been one of the safest outdoor events in the nation for 19 years.

Aside from the August steelband parade, the LSFF has a number of initiatives on its drawing board to implement this year, in spite of being short on funds. However, its committee remains upbeat that its parliamentary representatives Fitzgerald Hinds and Adrian Leonce, as well as the Community Development, Culture and the Arts, and corporate entities in the community will step up to the plate and assist.

Among these initiatives are a Youth Pan Camp during the August school vacation; a Forum (The Way Forward), formatted to stimulate empowerment and participation by the steelbands of the catchment area, scheduled for Saturday, July 28 at the Laventille Community Complex; and, a Camboulay flambeaux procession through Laventille (Call of the Drums), scheduled for the evening of Friday, August 3. As usual, the Laventille Emancipation Steelband Parade will be held along the Eastern Main Road, corner of Mc Allister Street to Leon Street, in Success Village.

Past students helping school

One of the most active and progressive past students organisations—the members of St James Secondary Alumni (SJSA) are on a fund-raising drive. One fun event this year is its Annual Get-Together/Reunion, on Saturday, May 19, as a Cooler Fete at the school’s premises, on Panka Street, St James, from 6 pm. The SJSA hopes to realise between approximately $50,000 for the projects this year, including the Scholarship Fund (Bertram Arlette and Van Stewart Awards); restoration of the storeroom in the home economic lab; completion of electrical work in the home economic room; lending a hand towards the work to be done in the computer lab/music rooms. Members were unable to work on any project last year because of a shortage of funds, therefore, a clarion call has been sent out to all past students to step up to the plate and participate in this year’s celebration.

“We are determined to improve the facilities needed by our present and future students in an environment that is worthy of producing excellence,” said SJSA member Salma Hosein-Constance this week. “Our theme continues to be ‘Building on a Strong Foundation’, which drives our efforts to maintain our school’s motto ‘Set Standards High’.”

This year’s fund-raiser is being held in memory of alumnae Earl Crosby and music will be provided by popular band Brass 2 D’World and a disc jockey. Tickets for the May 19 event are available at Crosby’s, Western Main Road, St James; Singh’s Liquor Mart, Bournes Road, St James; How’zat Sports Bar, Tragarete Road, Woodbrook; St James Secondary School; and committee members. Members of the committee include, Salma Hosein :Constance (374-2485); Carol Brown (724 - 5714); Nicholas Howard (686-6252); Robert Wiltshire (313-1443); Abigail Small (390-0580); Peter Riley (290-7847); Angelee Barkarr (683-3434); Marlon Murray (744-8883); and, Andy Cummings (750-2273)

European Film Festival premieres on May 10

Following close on the heels of the just concluded Bocas Lit Fest, the 22nd annual European Film Festival (EFF) opened with a cocktail reception on Tuesday hosted by the EU Member States with diplomatic missions in T&T and the Delegation of the European Union.

The opening, held at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (Napa), Port-of-Spain, was held under the patronage of the German Embassy Ambassador Holger Wilfried Michael.

Directly after the cocktail reception/launch a special screening of the German film Who Am I? was held.

This year, The European Film Festival will feature 29 films of various genres from the 14 EU member countries.

The full slate of movies will begin on May 10.

Deadline approaching for Caribbean films

The deadline for filmmakers wishing to submit a film for screening at the 13th edition of the trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff )—to be held from 18-30 September, is fast approaching. Those wishing to submit a film must do so by the May 14. A rough cut will be considered.

The Festival accepts submissions from Caribbean filmmakers, Caribbean filmmakers in the diaspora, and international filmmakers with films from or about the Caribbean or its diaspora. Submissions must have been produced after January 1, 2016.

All submissions must be made online, via the ttff Visitor Page at https://filmfreeway.com/ trinidadtobagofilmfestival There is no submission fee.

For queries, contact us directly at [email protected] ttfilmfestival.com, or visit the FAQ page on our website at http://ttfilmfestival.com/call-forsubmissions The trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff ) celebrates films from and about the Caribbean and its diaspora, as well as from world cinema, through an annual festival and year-round screenings.

In addition, the ttff seeks to facilitate the growth of Caribbean cinema by offering a wide-ranging industry programme and networking opportunities.

The ttff is given leading sponsorship by bpTT.

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MCDCA serves up tasty jazz treats in PoS

Wed, 05/02/2018 - 03:57

For those who could not go to Tobago for the Jazz performances, the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts (MCDCA) gave them a day of Jazz with [email protected]-Simply Jazz and Fusion the Jazz Experience on April 26 in Port-of-Spain during the lunch and evening times.

Fusion-the Jazz Experience saw the elements all aligned to create the perfect evening outdoor concert on the steps of the National Academy for the Performing Arts (Napa).

The cool evening breeze and the effortless beauty of Napa’s architecture and lights complimented the medley of performances by the National Steel Symphony Orchestra and guest artistes Vaughnette Bigford, Michael “Ming” Low Chew Tung, the UTT Jazz Ensemble, and Shiva Manick.

As expected, it was yet another outstanding performance from the National Steel Symphony Orchestra (NSSO) as they delivered to the audience’s delight. Artistic Director of the NSSO Akua Leith signaled the orchestra’s intention to continuously raise the bar for steelpan performances as he led his team through a varied repertoire from Mungal Patasar’s Dreadlocks featuring Shiva Manick on the tabla, to Guantanamera and Sunday Morning Funk to name a few.

The powerful voice of Vaughnette Bigford, the smooth music of the UTT Jazz Ensemble, notably saxophonist and group leader Anthony Woodroffe, and Michael “Ming” Low Chew Tung on the keyboard had the crowd of more than 400 music lovers drifting and clapping throughout the night. They brought out the best of Jazz music in T&T, and the NSSO’s experience with fusion performances was evident as they blended the steelpan and jazz rhythms.

The MCDCA also capitalised on this event by facilitating a Craft Market in NAPA’s Foyer, featuring jewelry, local wines, handbags, homemade delicacies and much more.

The end result of this event: the crowd was left wanting more, which seems to be the usual aftermath of each cultural event hosted by the MCDCA.

The success of the nighttime event was paralleled by the second edition of the MCDCA’s [email protected] Concert at Woodford Square, titled Simply Jazz.

The first [email protected] installation, City Blessings, celebrated gospel music on March 29, an appropriate selection to conclude the Lenten Season.

The Jazz theme was next, and the midday heat on April 26 was somehow moderated by the groovy music of artistes Moricia Cagan, LeAndra, the Adan Hagely Project, Candice Caton and Shannon Francois.

Show host Jamie Thomas kept the Woodford Square crowd upbeat as he navigated the lunchtime session. Curious downtown shoppers and students making their way from the Bocas Lit Fest at the National Library were amidst the crowd of over 300 people choosing to fill their lunch hour with music under the trees of Woodford Square, switching off the typical Port-of-Spain lunchtime pace.

The upcoming [email protected] edition will feature an east-indian themed event to celebrate Indian Arrival Day in May, followed by a vintage and steelpan concert respectively.

Staying on the topic of varied music genres, the MCDCA successfully hosted a two-day concert event at the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (Sapa) on April 21 and 22, billed as Seasons—a time of Remembrance.

Hundreds of patrons filled the Sundar Popo Auditorium to witness the National Philharmonic Orchestra (NPO) perform in a ‘classical meets local’ setting. Conductor of the NPO Dr Roger Henry reiterated to the audience that the orchestra intends to showcase the music and energy of T&T through the medium of classical orchestra performance.

Notable soloists Natalia Dopwell and Hermina Charles, along with the Academy for the Performing Arts’ Choir complimented the symphony orchestra, resulting in two evenings of world-class entertainment.

The National Theatre Arts Company was not to be omitted, with a solo dancer gracing the stage with gentility in her movements and expression. Satisfied audience members conveyed to the MCDCA team that the calibre of these young musicians and artistes is certainly on par with their international counterparts.

These concerts are part of a wider initiative to bring audiences closer to the range of music genres of T&T, whilst creating opportunities for the veterans, up and coming musicians, and cultural stakeholders to network, thereby expanding this country’s cultural community.

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