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Young, Vibrant and Edifying Radio Announcer at Sangeet 106.1fm. I am the host of the “Mid day Madhur” Monday to Thursday noon to 3pm, Adrenaline Friday 9am-noon with DJ Vikki and Graham Saturday with Dj Mario 6am-10am. I have been in the media for over fourteen (14) years with my experience ranging from both print and electronic media. Apart from Radio Announcing
I am happily married and the mother of one. When I’m not working my favorite pass time is spending time with my family. My greatest accomplishment in my life (apart from job) is my son. He has made my life complete, or should I say our life…. My husband is my greatest strength..
Join me on the Super Station Sangeet 106.1fm for my programmes.. Remember “Always keep a smile on your face, One size fits all.”

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