Veejai Ramkissoon

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Veejay Ramkissoon: Started singing at the tender age of 4 years at his temple and even religious classes at school. He is the grandson of the late "Great" popular local classical singer " Sookdeo Sookraj". After the passing of his grandfather, Veejai was handed the torch of his grandfather's great legacy to carry on. He entered then, the famous local television competition "Children of Mastana" where he rendered his very first official public performance, it was the Bhajan his grandfather made popular in Trinidad and Tobago" Ek Din Humay". Since then , Veejai's voice were in great demand to be heard at Ramayans , Programs, Weddings, Maticoors, Cooking nights, Barahees, Concerts, Temples, multiple Caribbean countries and even India.He performed at the first ever Indian arrival day celebration to Trinidad and Tobago held in India, first ever Phagwah celebrations in Grenada,also landing day celebrations Divali celebrations and Roti Festival in his second home land Jamaica given that he had perform there 5 times already and multiple events at Tobago. He does a lot of charity performances all in attempt to up keep Dharma and for a good cause. Veejai entered the Mahatma Gandhi institute where he went under the training of Dr. Ruby Mallik for some time. He was crowned Classical singing champion for numerous years before he was one of the first persons in Trinidad and Tobago to win A Brand New Car in classical singing. Between that time he had won for some consecutive years the Swaha Sadeshi competition where he also lead the Bhajan group to some victories also. Veejai went on to win the 1st place at Mastana Bahar amazingly singing A duet "BY HIM SELF". Today he is at his peak, where his versatility is at rapid rise. He can sing Indian style classical (raags) , Trinidad style classical songs, Bollywood film songs, Bhajans, Traditional chutney songs and even English songs. He remains A humble man, who's passionate about his music and pleasing his audience and forever indebted to his God sent parents who supported him through each and every step of his musical journey .

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