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Day Time Announcer Programme
Monday - Friday 6am - 9am Rashmie D’ Mornin Taal
Thursday - Friday 6am - 9am Rashmie D’ Mornin Taal
Monday - Friday 9am - 12pm Shamoon Mohammed Filmi Dunya
Monday - Friday 12pm - 3pm Karen Mera Sangeet
Monday - Friday 3pm - 6pm Ka Safar
Saturday 9pm - 12am DJ Nav Hott like ah Chulha
Sunday 6am - 10am Shamoon Mohammed Sunday Morning
Saturday 6am - 10am Rashmie Saturday Relay
Sunday 10am - 2pm The River Lime
Saturday 10am - 2pm Jhalwa Damakha
Saturday 2pm - 6pm Desi Vybez
6pm - 10pm Flavio Chakra, 106 degrees Fahrenheit, Ultimate Music Experience
Saturday 6pm - 10pm Bat Wan Kiratt

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